The Junkyard is a space for poetry.

It publishes poems, and also includes reviews.

The Junkyard welcomes submissions, and poems can be of any form or any length.

There is a fondness for the strange in The Junkyard, the old, and broken, and the shiny sparkling new.  There is a love of pixels, and electricity, and finger tips dancing tap tap tap upon the keys.

In particular The Junkyard likes to come across the unusual or strange.  Poets, and poetry that want to share an experience with others, in particular contributions are welcomed from poets who as well as writing, recommend and share other writers poetry.

The Junkyard loves poets with a story.  Poets who have lived and died.  Poets that once tried to drown in the sea, poets that have dropped plates, poets that found themselves back on dry land, making music out of all the shattered little pieces.

The Junkyards current Editor is an animal called Rebel Lion.

It was founded in 2015.


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